OpenAL- A binding to the OpenAL cross-platform 3D audio API

MaintainerSven Panne <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This module corresponds to the introductory parts of chapter 6 (AL Contexts and the ALC API) of the OpenAL Specification and Reference (version 1.1).

The context API makes use of ALC types which are defined separately from the AL types - there is an ALCboolean, ALCchar, etc.



type ALCboolean = CCharSource

8-bit boolean

type ALCchar = CCharSource


type ALCbyte = CSCharSource

Signed 8-bit 2's complement integer

type ALCubyte = CUCharSource

Unsigned 8-bit integer

type ALCshort = CShortSource

Signed 16-bit 2's complement integer

type ALCushort = CUShortSource

Unsigned 16-bit integer

type ALCint = CIntSource

Signed 32-bit 2's complement integer

type ALCuint = CUIntSource

Unsigned 32-bit integer

type ALCsizei = CIntSource

Non-negatitve 32-bit binary integer size

type ALCenum = CIntSource

Enumerated 32-bit value

type ALCfloat = CFloatSource

32-bit IEEE754 floating-point

type ALCdouble = CDoubleSource

64-bit IEEE754 floating-point