RNAwolf- RNA folding with non-canonical basepairs and base-triplets.




Outer part of a bulge

fBulgeOuter :: BaseF (NBulgLoop -> ExtFeatures (Vector (PairIdx, Double)))Source

The outer closing pair of a bulge loop (one unpaired region).

btBulgeOuter :: Params -> Primary -> EStem -> NBulgLoop -> NBT -> ExtBTSource

Outer part of a normal bulge

Loop part of a bulge

fBulgeLoop :: BaseF (NBulg -> Features (Vector (PairIdx, Double)))Source

The loop-part of bulges. Increases speed by 2x

btBulgeLoop :: Params -> Primary -> NBulgLoop -> NBulg -> NBT -> NBTSource

Index generator for bulged loops

Backtrack the bulge loop part.

Inner part of a bulge

fBulgeInner :: BaseF (EStem -> Features (Vector (ExtPairIdx, Double)))Source

Inner part of a bulge to speed up bulge calculations

btBulgeInner :: Params -> Primary -> NBulg -> EStem -> ExtBT -> NBTSource

Backtrack the inner part of a bulge