SFML-control- Higher level library on top of SFML

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This package builds on top of SFML and offers an higher level of abstraction over the original library, mainly exposing the SFML monad, which is responsible for allocating and running the destructors for your managed objects. This allow us to program at an higher level of abstraction:

 import Control.Monad.SFML
 import qualified SFML.Graphics as G
 import qualified SFML.Window as W
 import SFML.Graphics.Color
 import Paths_SFMLExamples
 main :: IO ()
 main = runSFML $ do
     let ctxSettings = Just $ W.ContextSettings 24 8 0 1 2
     wnd <- createRenderWindow (W.VideoMode 640 480 32)
            "SFML-Control Demo" [W.SFDefaultStyle] ctxSettings
     logoPath  <- liftIO $ getDataFileName "Haskell-Logo.png"
     fontPath  <- liftIO $ getDataFileName "Vera.ttf"
     musicPath <- liftIO $ getDataFileName "DST-BreakOut.ogg"
     tex <- textureFromFile logoPath Nothing
     spr <- createSprite
     fnt <- fontFromFile fontPath
     txt <- createText
     setTextString txt "Haskell-Control\nhandles memory\nfor you"
     setTextFont txt fnt
     setTextCharacterSize txt 20
     setTextColor txt blue
     msc <- musicFromFile musicPath
     play msc
     setTexture spr tex True
     loop wnd spr txt
 loop :: G.RenderWindow -> G.Sprite -> G.Text -> SFML ()
 loop wnd spr txt = do
     drawSprite wnd spr Nothing
     drawText   wnd txt $ Just (G.renderStates { G.transform = G.translation 460 40 })
     display wnd
     evt <- waitEvent wnd
     case evt of
         Nothing -> return ()
         Just W.SFEvtClosed -> return ()
         _ -> loop wnd spr txt



Re-exports for your convenience

liftIO :: MonadIO m => forall a. IO a -> m a

Lift a computation from the IO monad.