Slides- Generate slides from Haskell code

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To use this package you need to construct a Presentation tree using the types and constructors from the Common module (re-exported from this one). Then call one of the functions bellow. The generated HTML will not look like a presentation when you open it up in a browser, but it has CSS guides in place that will split it up into pages properly when you print it. Good default settings are A3-Landscape. You can just print to PDF to get the actual presentation.

Here's an example

sample :: Presentation
sample =
    Presentation [
        Slide [
            Header 2 "Title",
            Sequence Immediate [
                UnfoldConcatList Delay [
                    Header 3 "Example",
                    UnfoldList Immediate [
                        "These lines will unfold one by one.",
                        "You can use some markdown in these strings like _this_ or *this* \
                        \or __this__ or **this**."
                    Diagram 200 someDiagram
                List [
                    "This list will be shown in place of the previous title-list-diagram.",
                    "This item will be shown immediately with the last one."
            ] -- note that the above title "Title" will remain there during the sequence.
        Slide [
            Header 2 "Another slide",
            List [
                "Some text describing stuff.",
                "More text."
            Sequence Delay [
                Diagram 200 a,
                Diagram 200 sequence,
                Diagram 200 of,
                Diagram 300 diagrams

main :: IO ()
main = writeToFile "index.html" sample



renderPresentation :: Presentation -> String Source

Render the Presentation to an HTML string.

writeToFile :: FilePath -> Presentation -> IO () Source

Render a Presentation to an HTML file with UTF8 encoding.