SybWidget-0.4.0: Library which aids constructing generic (SYB3-based) widgets



This module reexports the SYB3 library.

It also makes some extensions to SYB3, namely getFieldFun and setFieldFun.



constructors :: Data ctx a => Proxy ctx -> a -> [Constr]Source

Returns a set of constructors. This function is undefined for Int, Float, Double and Char

getFieldFun :: forall a m ctx. (Typeable a, Data ctx m) => Proxy ctx -> Int -> m -> aSource

A get field fun: parent -> child

setFieldFun :: forall m a ctx. (Data ctx m, Typeable a) => Proxy ctx -> Int -> m -> a -> mSource

A set field fun: parent -> child -> parent

gToString :: (Show a, Typeable a) => a -> StringSource

Function is similar to show, except that strings are shown without escaped ".