Takusen-0.7: Database library with left-fold interface, for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, ODBC.

Maintaineroleg@pobox.com, alistair@abayley.org




Contains CInt equivalents of the #defines in the oci library headers. This is not a complete set; just enough to get the Haskell libraries working. This also might not be particularly portable, but I don't think Oracle are going to change these in a hurry (that would break compiled programs, wouldn't it?).


Used all over the place:

Handle types:

Error code types:

Attribute types:

Authentication options:

oci_CRED_RDBMS :: CIntSource

Found in $ORAHOME/oci/include/oci.h

Syntax types (i.e. does the DBMS understand v7 or v8 syntax, etc):

oci_NTV_SYNTAX :: CIntSource

Found in $ORAHOME/oci/include/oci.h

Scrollable Cursor Options:

oci_FETCH_NEXT :: CIntSource

Found in $ORAHOME/oci/include/oci.h

OCI datatypes:

oci_SQLT_CHR :: CIntSource

Found in $ORAHOME/oci/include/ocidfn.h

Transaction types; parameters for ociTransStart.

oci_TRANS_READONLY :: CIntSource

Found in $ORAHOME/oci/include/oci.h. There are more than this, but they're related to complicated transaction-management stuff in the OCI libraries that I don't understand. These should be sufficient to support the simple transaction model understood by most developers.