acme-pointful-numbers- Make more than one point in numeric literals
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This module allows you to make more points in your numbers

 import Prelude hiding ((.))
 import Acme.Pointful       -- re-exports Control.Category's (.)

 ghc, ip ∷ Pointful

 ghc = 7.8.2                -- ≡ Pointful [7,8,2]
 ip  =

It won't work with big numbers (and it won't even try to prevent incorrect results). Up to 7 digits is ok.

Don't use if your code is not pointless enough.



type Pointful = () + ((), ())Source

id :: Category cat => forall a. cat a a

the identity morphism

(.) :: Category cat => forall b c a. cat b c -> cat a b -> cat a c

morphism composition