alpino-tools-0.2.0: Alpino data manipulation tools

MaintainerDaniël de Kok <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




Definition and extraction of Alpino dependency triples.


Dependency triples

data DepTriple Source

The DepTriple type represents a dependency that occurs in a dependency structure. The triple consists of the head, a dependent, and the relation between the head and the dependeny. For convenience, the triple is composed of two DepTripleComponent instances: the first representing the head and its role in the relation, the second representing the dependant and its role in the relation.

data DepTripleComponent Source

The DepTripleComponent type represents a head or a dependant in a dependency relation.

depTriples :: TreePos Full DSLabel -> Set DepTripleSource

Extract DepTriples from the tree starting at the node represented by the TreePos zipper.

Utility functions

tzFold :: (a -> TreePos Full b -> a) -> a -> TreePos Full b -> aSource

Fold over a tree depth-first, starting at the node wrapped in the TreePos zipper.