amazonka-directconnect-0.3.4: Amazon Direct Connect SDK.

Safe HaskellNone




Provisions a public virtual interface to be owned by a different customer.

The owner of a connection calls this function to provision a public virtual interface which will be owned by another AWS customer.

Virtual interfaces created using this function must be confirmed by the virtual interface owner by calling ConfirmPublicVirtualInterface. Until this step has been completed, the virtual interface will be in Confirming state, and will not be available for handling traffic.



Request constructor

Request lenses

apvi1ConnectionId :: Lens' AllocatePublicVirtualInterface Text Source

The connection ID on which the public virtual interface is provisioned.

Default: None

apvi1NewPublicVirtualInterfaceAllocation :: Lens' AllocatePublicVirtualInterface NewPublicVirtualInterfaceAllocation Source

Detailed information for the public virtual interface to be provisioned.

Default: None

apvi1OwnerAccount :: Lens' AllocatePublicVirtualInterface Text Source

The AWS account that will own the new public virtual interface.

Default: None


Response constructor

Response lenses

apvir1CustomerRouterConfig :: Lens' AllocatePublicVirtualInterfaceResponse (Maybe Text) Source

Information for generating the customer router configuration.