amazonka-gamelift-1.4.4: Amazon GameLift SDK.

amazonka-gamelift-1.4.4: Amazon GameLift SDK.

Amazon GameLift Service Welcome to the Amazon GameLift API Reference. Amazon GameLift is a managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) service for developers who need a scalable, server-based solution for multiplayer games. Amazon GameLift provides setup and deployment of game servers, and handles infrastructure scaling and session management. This reference describes the low-level service API for GameLift. You can call this API directly or use the AWS SDK for your preferred language. The AWS SDK includes a set of high-level GameLift actions multiplayer game sessions. Alternatively, you can use the AWS command-line interface (CLI) tool, which includes commands for GameLift. For administrative actions, you can also use the Amazon GameLift console. More Resources - Amazon GameLift Developer Guide: Learn more about GameLift features and how to use them - Lumberyard and GameLift Tutorials: Get started fast with walkthroughs and sample projects - GameDev Blog: Stay up to date with new features and techniques - GameDev Forums: Connect with the GameDev community Manage Games and Players Through GameLift Call these actions from your game clients and/or services to create and manage multiplayer game sessions and player sessions. - Game sessions - CreateGameSession - DescribeGameSessions - DescribeGameSessionDetails - UpdateGameSession - SearchGameSessions - Player sessions - CreatePlayerSession - CreatePlayerSessions - DescribePlayerSessions - Other actions: - GetGameSessionLogUrl Set Up and Manage Game Servers Use these administrative actions to configure GameLift to host your game servers. When setting up GameLift, you'll need to (1) configure a build for your game and upload build files, and (2) set up one or more fleets to host game sessions. Once you've created and activated a fleet, you can assign aliases to it, scale capacity, track performance and utilization, etc. - Manage your builds: - ListBuilds - CreateBuild - DescribeBuild - UpdateBuild - DeleteBuild - RequestUploadCredentials - Manage your fleets: - ListFleets - CreateFleet - Describe fleets: - DescribeFleetAttributes - DescribeFleetCapacity - DescribeFleetPortSettings - DescribeFleetUtilization - DescribeEC2InstanceLimits - DescribeFleetEvents - DescribeRuntimeConfiguration - Update fleets: - UpdateFleetAttributes - UpdateFleetCapacity - UpdateFleetPortSettings - UpdateRuntimeConfiguration - DeleteFleet - Manage fleet aliases: - ListAliases - CreateAlias - DescribeAlias - UpdateAlias - DeleteAlias - ResolveAlias - Manage autoscaling: - PutScalingPolicy - DescribeScalingPolicies - DeleteScalingPolicy To view changes to the API, see the GameLift Document History page.

The types from this library are intended to be used with amazonka, which provides mechanisms for specifying AuthN/AuthZ information and sending requests.

Use of lenses is required for constructing and manipulating types. This is due to the amount of nesting of AWS types and transparency regarding de/serialisation into more palatable Haskell values. The provided lenses should be compatible with any of the major lens libraries such as lens or lens-family-core.

See Network.AWS.GameLift or the AWS Documentation to get started.