amazonka-redshift-0.0.2: Amazon Redshift SDK.

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Returns a list of parameter settings for the specified parameter group family.

For more information about managing parameter groups, go to Amazon RedshiftParameter Groups in the Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide.



Request constructor

Request lenses

ddcpMarker :: Lens' DescribeDefaultClusterParameters (Maybe Text) Source

An optional parameter that specifies the starting point to return a set of response records. When the results of a DescribeDefaultClusterParameters request exceed the value specified in MaxRecords, AWS returns a value in the Marker field of the response. You can retrieve the next set of response records by providing the returned marker value in the Marker parameter and retrying the request.

ddcpMaxRecords :: Lens' DescribeDefaultClusterParameters (Maybe Int) Source

The maximum number of response records to return in each call. If the number of remaining response records exceeds the specified MaxRecords value, a value is returned in a marker field of the response. You can retrieve the next set of records by retrying the command with the returned marker value.

Default: '100'

Constraints: minimum 20, maximum 100.

ddcpParameterGroupFamily :: Lens' DescribeDefaultClusterParameters Text Source

The name of the cluster parameter group family.


Response constructor

Response lenses