amazonka-redshift-0.0.2: Amazon Redshift SDK.

Safe HaskellNone




Modifies the parameters of a parameter group.

For more information about managing parameter groups, go to Amazon RedshiftParameter Groups in the Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide.



Request constructor

Request lenses

mcpgParameterGroupName :: Lens' ModifyClusterParameterGroup Text Source

The name of the parameter group to be modified.

mcpgParameters :: Lens' ModifyClusterParameterGroup [Parameter] Source

An array of parameters to be modified. A maximum of 20 parameters can be modified in a single request.

For each parameter to be modified, you must supply at least the parameter name and parameter value; other name-value pairs of the parameter are optional.

For the workload management (WLM) configuration, you must supply all the name-value pairs in the wlm_json_configuration parameter.


Response constructor

Response lenses

mcpgrParameterGroupStatus :: Lens' ModifyClusterParameterGroupResponse (Maybe Text) Source

The status of the parameter group. For example, if you made a change to a parameter group name-value pair, then the change could be pending a reboot of an associated cluster.