amazonka-redshift-0.0.5: Amazon Redshift SDK.

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Creates a new Amazon Redshift subnet group. You must provide a list of one or more subnets in your existing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) when creating Amazon Redshift subnet group.

For information about subnet groups, go to Amazon Redshift Cluster SubnetGroups in the Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide.



Request constructor

Request lenses

ccsgClusterSubnetGroupName :: Lens' CreateClusterSubnetGroup Text Source

The name for the subnet group. Amazon Redshift stores the value as a lowercase string.


Must contain no more than 255 alphanumeric characters or hyphens. Must not be Default. Must be unique for all subnet groups that are created by your AWS account. Example: examplesubnetgroup

ccsgDescription :: Lens' CreateClusterSubnetGroup Text Source

A description for the subnet group.

ccsgSubnetIds :: Lens' CreateClusterSubnetGroup [Text] Source

An array of VPC subnet IDs. A maximum of 20 subnets can be modified in a single request.

ccsgTags :: Lens' CreateClusterSubnetGroup [Tag] Source

A list of tag instances.


Response constructor

Response lenses