amazonka-route53-domains-0.0.7: Amazon Route 53 Domains SDK.

Safe HaskellNone




This operation checks the availability of one domain name. You can access this API without authenticating. Note that if the availability status of a domain is pending, you must submit another request to determine the availability of the domain name.



Request constructor

checkDomainAvailability Source

CheckDomainAvailability constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

cdaDomainName :: Lens' CheckDomainAvailability Text Source

The name of a domain.

Type: String

Default: None

Constraints: The domain name can contain only the letters a through z, the numbers 0 through 9, and hyphen (-). Internationalized Domain Names are not supported.

Required: Yes


Response constructor

Response lenses

cdarAvailability :: Lens' CheckDomainAvailabilityResponse DomainAvailability Source

Whether the domain name is available for registering.

Type: String

Valid values:

AVAILABLE – The domain name is available. AVAILABLE_RESERVED – The domain name is reserved under specific conditions. AVAILABLE_PREORDER – The domain name is available and can be preordered. UNAVAILABLE – The domain name is not available. UNAVAILABLE_PREMIUM – The domain name is not available. UNAVAILABLE_RESTRICTED – The domain name is forbidden. RESERVED – The domain name has been reserved for another person or organization.