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This is a package for working with arrayForth. This is a variant of Forth used by GreenArrays chips. This package contains an arrayForth simulator, two different representations of arrayForth programs and some utilities like parsing. It also supports synthesizing arrayForth programs using MCMC. The basic idea is to find arrayForth programs by taking a simple prior distribution of programs and using a randomized hill-climbing algorithm to find a program fulfilling certain tests.


Change logNone available
Dependenciesarray (>=0.4), array-forth, base (>4.7 && <=5), Chart (>=0.16 && <1.0), mcmc-synthesis (>=, modular-arithmetic (==1.*), MonadRandom (==0.1.*), OddWord (>=1.0.0), optparse-applicative (>=0.7 && <0.10), split (==0.1.*), vector (>=0.9 && <0.11) [details]
AuthorTikhon Jelvis <>
MaintainerTikhon Jelvis <>
Source repositoryhead: git clone git://
Executableschart, array-forth, mcmc-demo
UploadedSat Jan 17 01:11:21 UTC 2015 by TikhonJelvis




synthesisbuild the mcmc synthesis demo appDisabledAutomatic
chartbuild the charting facilities for analyzing the synthesizerDisabledAutomatic

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