asn1-data-0.4.1: ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER, DER and CER forms

MaintainerVincent Hanquez <>




A module containing ASN1 DER specification serialization/derialization tools



enumeratee to transform between ASN1 and raw

enumReadRaw :: Monad m => Enumeratee ASN1Event ASN1 m aSource

enumReadRaw is an enumeratee from raw events to asn1

enumWriteRaw :: Monad m => Enumeratee ASN1 ASN1Event m aSource

enumWriteRaw is an enumeratee from asn1 to raw events

enumeratee to transform between ASN1 and bytes

enumReadBytes :: Monad m => Enumeratee ByteString ASN1 m aSource

enumReadBytes is an enumeratee converting from bytestring to ASN1 it transforms chunks of bytestring into chunks of ASN1 objects

enumWriteBytes :: Monad m => Enumeratee ASN1 ByteString m aSource

enumWriteBytes is an enumeratee converting from ASN1 to bytestring. it transforms chunks of ASN1 objects into chunks of bytestring

iterate over common representation to an ASN1 stream

iterateFile :: FilePath -> Iteratee ASN1 IO a -> IO (Either SomeException a)Source

iterate over a file using a file enumerator.

iterateByteString :: Monad m => ByteString -> Iteratee ASN1 m a -> m (Either SomeException a)Source

iterate over a bytestring using a list enumerator over each chunks

DER serialize functions

decodeASN1Stream :: ByteString -> Either ASN1Err [ASN1]Source

decode a lazy bytestring as an ASN1 stream

encodeASN1Stream :: [ASN1] -> Either ASN1Err ByteStringSource

encode an ASN1 Stream as lazy bytestring

DER serialize functions, deprecated