aterm- serialisation for Haskell values with sharing support

Portabilitynon-portable (imports ATerm.AbstractSyntax)




convert ATermTables (created by ATerm.Conversion.toATermTable) from Strings and to SDocs as shared (TAF format) or unshared (AT format). Indices (following hash marks) are base64 encoded.


read shared or unshared ATerms

readATerm :: String -> ATermTableSource

create an ATerm table from an input string. Shared or unshared ATerms can be read. A string for shared ATerms usually starts with an exclamation mark and contains many hash marks indicating references. Unshared ATerms are plain constructor terms.

writing out shared ATerms (use these functions for serialization)

writing out unshared ATerms (just for compatibility purposes)

support different renderings via SDoc