attempt-0.0.0: Error handling using extensible exceptions outside the IO monad.Source codeContentsIndex
Provide a monad transformer for the attempt monad, which allows the reporting of errors using extensible exceptions.
newtype AttemptT m v = AttemptT {
runAttemptT :: m (Attempt v)
evalAttemptT :: (Monad m, FromAttempt m) => AttemptT m v -> m v
module Data.Attempt
newtype AttemptT m v Source
runAttemptT :: m (Attempt v)
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evalAttemptT :: (Monad m, FromAttempt m) => AttemptT m v -> m vSource

Instances of FromAttempt specify a manner for embedding Attempt failures directly into the target data type. For example, the IO instance simply throws a runtime error. This is a convenience wrapper when you simply want to use that default action.

So given a type AttemptT IO Int, this function will convert it to IO Int, throwing any exceptions in the original value.

module Data.Attempt
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