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Package attempt-
Install InstallOk
Docs Ok
Tests NotTried
Time submitted unknown
Compiler ghc-7.6.3
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies failure-, base-
Flags none

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Resolving dependencies...
Configuring failure-
Building failure-
Preprocessing library failure-
[1 of 1] Compiling Control.Failure  ( Control/Failure.hs, dist/build/Control/Failure.o )
In-place registering failure-
Running Haddock for failure-
Running hscolour for failure-
Preprocessing library failure-
Preprocessing library failure-
Haddock coverage:
  80% (  4 /  5) in 'Control.Failure'
Documentation created: dist/doc/html/failure/index.html
Installing library in
Registering failure-
Installed failure-
Downloading attempt-
Configuring attempt-
Building attempt-
Preprocessing library attempt-
[1 of 1] Compiling Data.Attempt     ( Data/Attempt.hs, dist/build/Data/Attempt.o )
In-place registering attempt-
Running Haddock for attempt-
Running hscolour for attempt-
Preprocessing library attempt-
Preprocessing library attempt-
Haddock coverage:
 100% ( 22 / 22) in 'Data.Attempt'
Documentation created: dist/doc/html/attempt/index.html
Installing library in
Registering attempt-
Installed attempt-