azure-servicebus- Haskell wrapper over Microsoft Azure ServiceBus REST API

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__ Deprecated __ Use Network.MicrosoftAzure.ServiceBus.Topic instead.

Provides API to pull from and push to ServiceBus topic Please refer to Service Bus Rest API for information on the API provided by Microsoft Service bus.

Simple example for how to use this library is as below

 import Web.WindowsAzure.ServiceBus.Topic
 import Web.WindowsAzure.ServiceBus
 import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as C

topicName = topicName
 subscriptionName = subscriptionName
 sbNamespace = namespace
 sbIssuerKey = C.pack 1287361251262as=
 sbIssuerName = C.pack owner

sbinfo = SBInfo sbNamespace sbIssuerName sbIssuerKey
 message = C.pack Hello from Haskell

main = do
   sbContext <- sbContext sbinfo
   sendTopicBS topicName message sbContext
   res <- destructiveRead topicName subscriptionName 30 sbContext
   print res

see examples (available as a part of distribution) for a more detailed example.


Pushing data to Topic

sendTopicBS :: String -> ByteString -> SBContext -> IO ()Source

publish a message containing ByteString to a topic.

The following publishes a strict bytestring bs to topic t\

 sendTopicBS t bs ctx

sendTopicLBS :: String -> ByteString -> SBContext -> IO ()Source

publish a message containing ByteString to a topic

The following publishes a lazy bytestring ,lbs, to topic t,

 sendTopicLBS t lbs  ctx

Reading data from Topic

destructiveRead :: String -> String -> Int -> SBContext -> IO ByteStringSource

Reads and deletes the message from a topic at a given subscription.

In order to destructively read the latest message from the subscription subsc on topic t (with a time out of n seconds),

destructiveRead t subsc n context Note that the timeout can be at the most 55 seconds.

peekLockTopic :: String -> String -> Int -> SBContext -> IO (LockedMsgInfo, ByteString)Source

Peek Lock Message from a Topic. Non-Destructive Read.

Atomically retrieves the message from a topic (on a given subscription) without deleting it. The message is locked for a duration so that it is not visible to other receivers.

Refer ServiceBus documentation for semantics of the underlying REST API.