Bamse: creating Windows MSI installers

Bamse is a tool that arose out of the need to be able to create Windows installers as part of an automated software build process.

The result is available for you to hopefully also make good use of in your software projects. It offers the following features:

Downloading and installing

Latest release: bamse-0.7
. The installer contains the sources of Bamse itself along with two GHC packages it depends on to compile; the HDirect Com library and the Galois library.

Installation should install and register these GHC-6.2.1 packages along with Bamse, but if they're not registered, here's how to do it manually:

foo$ cd "c:/Program Files/ComPkg"
foo$ hd_imp="c:/Program Files/ComPkg/imports" \
      hd_lib="c:/Program Files/ComPkg" \
      hd_inc="c:/Program Files/include" \
      c:/ghc/ghc-6.2.1/bin/ghc-pkg -u com i com.pkg
foo$ cd "c:/Program Files/GaloisPkg"
foo$ TARGETDIR="c:/Program Files/GaloisPkg" \
     c:/ghc/ghc-6.2.1/bin/ghc-pkg -u galois i galois.pkg
To get started with Bamse, have a look at the HOWTO.
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