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Package beam-newtype-field-
Install DependencyFailed beam-newtype-field-
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Tests NotTried
Time submitted 2018-12-29 22:41:39.477533531 UTC
Compiler ghc-8.6.1
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies base-, beam-core-, beam-migrate-, lens-4.17, postgresql-simple-0.6
Flags none

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Warning: The install command is a part of the legacy v1 style of cabal usage.

Please switch to using either the new project style and the new-install
command or the legacy v1-install alias as new-style projects will become the
default in the next version of cabal-install. Please file a bug if you cannot
replicate a working v1- use case with the new-style commands.

For more information, see:

Resolving dependencies...
Warning: The following packages are likely to be broken by the reinstalls:
Continuing even though the plan contains dangerous reinstalls.
Starting     Only-0.1
Starting     StateVar-
Building     Only-0.1
Building     StateVar-
Completed    StateVar-
Starting     base-compat-0.10.5
Completed    Only-0.1
Starting     base-orphans-0.8
Building     base-compat-0.10.5
Building     base-orphans-0.8
Completed    base-orphans-0.8
Starting     bytestring-builder-
Building     bytestring-builder-
Completed    bytestring-builder-
Starting     cabal-doctest-1.0.6
Building     cabal-doctest-1.0.6
Completed    base-compat-0.10.5
Starting     call-stack-0.1.0
Completed    cabal-doctest-1.0.6
Starting     containers-
Building     call-stack-0.1.0
Building     containers-
Completed    call-stack-0.1.0
Starting     dependent-sum-0.4
Building     dependent-sum-0.4
Completed    dependent-sum-0.4
Starting     dlist-
Building     dlist-
Completed    dlist-
Starting     finite-typelits-
Building     finite-typelits-
Completed    finite-typelits-
Starting     haskell-src-exts-1.20.3
Building     haskell-src-exts-1.20.3
Completed    containers-
Starting     integer-logarithms-
Building     integer-logarithms-
Completed    integer-logarithms-
Starting     microlens-0.4.10
Building     microlens-0.4.10
Completed    microlens-0.4.10
Starting     postgresql-libpq-
Building     postgresql-libpq-
Completed    postgresql-libpq-
Starting     pqueue-
Building     pqueue-
Completed    pqueue-
Starting     primitive-
Building     primitive-
Completed    primitive-
Starting     random-1.1
Building     random-1.1
Completed    random-1.1
Starting     reflection-2.1.4
Building     reflection-2.1.4
Completed    reflection-2.1.4
Starting     semigroups-0.18.5
Building     semigroups-0.18.5
Completed    semigroups-0.18.5
Starting     tagged-0.8.6
Building     tagged-0.8.6
Completed    tagged-0.8.6
Starting     time-locale-compat-
Building     time-locale-compat-
Completed    time-locale-compat-
Starting     transformers-compat-0.6.2
Building     transformers-compat-0.6.2
Completed    transformers-compat-0.6.2
Starting     void-0.7.2
Building     void-0.7.2
Completed    void-0.7.2
Starting     contravariant-1.5
Building     contravariant-1.5
Completed    contravariant-1.5
Starting     indexed-list-literals-
Building     indexed-list-literals-
Completed    indexed-list-literals-
Starting     th-abstraction-
Building     th-abstraction-
Completed    haskell-src-exts-1.20.3
Starting     parallel-
Building     parallel-
Completed    th-abstraction-
Starting     dependent-map-
Building     dependent-map-
Completed    parallel-
Starting     binary-
Building     binary-
Completed    dependent-map-
Starting     vector-
Building     vector-
Completed    binary-
Starting     distributive-0.6
Building     distributive-0.6
Completed    distributive-0.6
Starting     transformers-base-
Building     transformers-base-
Completed    transformers-base-
Starting     exceptions-0.10.0
Building     exceptions-0.10.0
Completed    exceptions-0.10.0
Starting     text-
Building     text-
Completed    vector-
Starting     comonad-5.0.4
Building     comonad-5.0.4
Completed    text-
Starting     parsec-
Building     parsec-
Completed    comonad-5.0.4
Starting     hashable-
Building     hashable-
Completed    hashable-
Starting     bifunctors-5.5.3
Building     bifunctors-5.5.3
Completed    parsec-
Starting     uuid-types-1.0.3
Building     uuid-types-1.0.3
Completed    uuid-types-1.0.3
Starting     unordered-containers-
Building     unordered-containers-
Completed    bifunctors-5.5.3
Starting     scientific-
Building     scientific-
Completed    scientific-
Starting     case-insensitive-
Completed    unordered-containers-
Starting     network-uri-
Building     case-insensitive-
Building     network-uri-
Completed    case-insensitive-
Starting     profunctors-5.3
Building     profunctors-5.3
Completed    network-uri-
Starting     attoparsec-
Building     attoparsec-
Completed    profunctors-5.3
Starting     semigroupoids-5.3.1
Completed    attoparsec-
Starting     invariant-0.5.1
Building     invariant-0.5.1
Building     semigroupoids-5.3.1
Completed    invariant-0.5.1
Starting     aeson-
Building     aeson-
Completed    semigroupoids-5.3.1
Starting     free-5.1
Building     free-5.1
Completed    free-5.1
Starting     adjunctions-4.4
Building     adjunctions-4.4
Completed    aeson-
Starting     postgresql-simple-0.6
Building     postgresql-simple-0.6
Completed    adjunctions-4.4
Starting     vector-sized-
Building     vector-sized-
Failed to install vector-sized-
Build log ( /home/builder/.cabal/logs/ghc-8.6.1/vector-sized- ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-7558/vector-sized-'
Configuring vector-sized-
Preprocessing library for vector-sized-
Building library for vector-sized-
[1 of 8] Compiling Data.Vector.Generic.Mutable.Sized.Internal ( src/Data/Vector/Generic/Mutable/Sized/Internal.hs, dist/build/Data/Vector/Generic/Mutable/Sized/Internal.o )
[2 of 8] Compiling Data.Vector.Generic.Mutable.Sized ( src/Data/Vector/Generic/Mutable/Sized.hs, dist/build/Data/Vector/Generic/Mutable/Sized.o )
[3 of 8] Compiling Data.Vector.Generic.Sized.Internal ( src/Data/Vector/Generic/Sized/Internal.hs, dist/build/Data/Vector/Generic/Sized/Internal.o )
[4 of 8] Compiling Data.Vector.Generic.Sized ( src/Data/Vector/Generic/Sized.hs, dist/build/Data/Vector/Generic/Sized.o )

src/Data/Vector/Generic/Sized.hs:975:63: error:
    • Expected kind ‘* -> Nat -> Nat’, but ‘n’ has kind ‘Nat’
    • In the second argument of ‘Vector’, namely ‘(n * m)’
      In the type signature:
        concatMap :: (VG.Vector v a, VG.Vector v b) =>
                     (a -> Vector v m b) -> Vector v n a -> Vector v (n * m) b
975 |           => (a -> Vector v m b) -> Vector v n a -> Vector v (n*m) b
    |                                                               ^^^
cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-7558/vector-sized-'
Starting     kan-extensions-5.2
Building     kan-extensions-5.2
Completed    kan-extensions-5.2
Completed    postgresql-simple-0.6
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
beam-core- depends on beam-core- which
failed to install.
beam-migrate- depends on beam-migrate-
which failed to install.
beam-newtype-field- depends on
beam-newtype-field- which failed to install.
vector-sized- failed during the building phase.
The exception was:
ExitFailure 1