Changelog for bed-and-breakfast-0.4.3

<dl> <dt>v0.1</dt> <dd> Initial version, features <code>det</code>, basic arithmetic operations, and instances for <code>Float</code>, <code>Double</code>, <code>Complex</code>, and <code>Rational</code>. </dd> <dt>v0.1.1</dt> <dd> Fixed wrong algorithm for computing the inverse of a <code>Matrix</code>. </dd> <dt>v0.1.2</dt> <dd> Added instances for <code>Num Matrix</code>, <code>Fractional Matrix</code>, and <code>Eq Matrix</code>. </dd> <dt>v0.1.3</dt> <dd> <code>inv</code> is now a total function and will no longer call <code>error</code> if a matrix is not invertible. Also <code>Matrix</code> derives <code>Data.Typeable</code>. now. </dd> <dt>v0.1.4</dt> <dd> Added <code>scale</code>, and methods for joining matrices vertically and horizontally. Corrected a bug in <code>isUnit</code> reported by Charles Durham. <code>isUnit</code> returned True for any matrix for which <code>all (== 1) . trace</code> would have, which is wrong). </dd> <dt>v0.2</dt> <dd> A little bit more documentation. Also moved some functions (<code>isXXX</code>) away from the type class <code>MatrixElement</code>. Properly flagged the package as experimental (was improperly marked as <code>stable</code>, copied form a template). </dd> <dt>v0.2.1</dt> <dd> Added <code>cofactors</code>, <code>adjugate</code>, <code>minor</code>, and <code>minorMatrix</code>. </dd> <dt>v0.2.2</dt> <dd> <code>rank</code> works now for any Matrix component type. </dd> <dt>v0.2.3</dt> <dd> Added <code>Read</code> instance for <code>Matrix</code>. Improved on documentation. </dd> <dt>v0.3</dt> <dd> Added a QuickCheck test suite, fixed a bug in <code>det</code> (det would crash for singular matrices, where it should return 0). </dd> <dt>v0.3.1</dt> <dd> Added TemplateHaskell syntactic sugar (see <code>Numeric.Matrix.Sugar</code>). Rewrote multiplication. <code>matrix</code> function build an array faster now. </dd> <dt>v0.3.2</dt> <dd> <code>Numeric.Matrix.Sugar</code> was not mentioned in the cabal file. Improved test suite. Improved documentation. </dd> <dt>v0.4</dt> <dd> Fixed a bug regarding <code>empty</code> and <code>fromList</code>. Use unsafe operations where it is safe for speed. Added RULES. Added an instance for binary. </dd> <dt>v0.4.1</dt> <dd> The unsafe operations used in v0.4 turned out to fatally fail on certain platforms. Revoked this change. </dd> <dt>v0.4.2</dt> <dd> Fixed a tiny bug regarding the <code>row</code> function for extracting the number of rows in a Matrix. Thanks to Tim Makarios for finding and fixing the bug. </dd> <dt>v0.4.3</dt> <dd> Fixed a bug in @transpose@ that prevented it from working correctly with non-square matrices. Thanks to @owst@ from </dd> </dl>