bindings-common-0.1.2: Low-level library bindings, base package.



| Modules under Bindings are supposed to be low level links to well-known libraries. All of them follow the same style for consistency and predictability. Here are a few rules that have been followed:

  • All packages use cabal. Checking of dependencies is delegated to pkg-config by listing such dependencies in cabal file.
  • All names are as close as possible to the names in the original library language. To agree with Haskell case conventions they may be prefixed with an underscore or have their first letter capitalized.
  • Documentation is provided as links to the official homepage for a library. Due to the policy of preserving names and functionality, such documentation can be used as it is.

These modules are supposed to be used by developers of higher level modules, who should have a good understanding of the undeline libraries they decide to use. Of course, you can use them directly if you know what you are doing.