bindings-sqlite3-0.0.1: Check bindings-common package for directions.




Run-Time Library Version Numbers

Test To See If The Library Is Threadsafe

Database Connection Handle

Closing A Database Connection

One-Step Query Execution Interface

Result Codes

Extended Result Codes

Flags For File Open Operations

Device Characteristics

File Locking Levels

Synchronization Type Flags

OS Interface Open File Handle

OS Interface File Virtual Methods Object

Standard File Control Opcodes

Mutex Handle

OS Interface Object

Flags for the xAccess VFS method

Initialize The SQLite Library

Enable Or Disable Extended Result Codes

Last Insert Rowid

Count The Number Of Rows Modified

Total Number Of Rows Modified

Interrupt A Long-Running Query

Determine If An SQL Statement Is Complete

Register A Callback To Handle SQLITE_BUSY Errors

Set A Busy Timeout

Convenience Routines For Running Queries

Memory Allocation Subsystem

Memory Allocator Statistics

Pseudo-Random Number Generator

Compile-Time Authorization Callbacks

Authorizer Return Codes

Authorizer Action Codes

Query Progress Callbacks

Opening A New Database Connection

Error Codes And Messages

SQL Statement Object

Run-time Limits

Run-Time Limit Categories

Compiling An SQL Statement

Retrieving Statement SQL

Dynamically Typed Value Object

SQL Function Context Object

Binding Values To Prepared Statements

Number Of SQL Parameters

Name Of A Host Parameter

Index Of A Parameter With A Given Name

Reset All Bindings On A Prepared Statement

Number Of Columns In A Result Set

Column Names In A Result Set

Source Of Data In A Query Result

Declared Datatype Of A Query Result

Evaluate An SQL Statement

Number of columns in a result set

Fundamental Datatypes

Result Values From A Query

Destroy A Prepared Statement Object

Reset A Prepared Statement Object

Text Encodings

Obtaining SQL Function Parameter Values

Obtain Aggregate Function Context

User Data For Functions

Database Connection For Functions

Function Auxiliary Data

Constants Defining Special Destructor Behavior

Setting The Result Of An SQL Function

Define New Collating Sequences

Collation Needed Callbacks

Suspend Execution For A Short Time

Name Of The Folder Holding Temporary Files

Test For Auto-Commit Mode

Find The Database Handle Of A Prepared Statement

Find the next prepared statement

Commit And Rollback Notification Callbacks

Data Change Notification Callbacks

Enable Or Disable Shared Pager Cache

Attempt To Free Heap Memory

Impose A Limit On Heap Size

Load An Extension

Enable Or Disable Extension Loading

Automatically Load An Extensions

Reset Automatic Extension Loading

A Handle To An Open BLOB

Open A BLOB For Incremental I/O

Close A BLOB Handle

Return The Size Of An Open BLOB

Read Data From A BLOB Incrementally

Write Data Into A BLOB Incrementally

Virtual File System Objects


Mutex Verification Routines

Mutex Types

Retrieve the mutex for a database connection

Low-Level Control Of Database Files