bitmaps- Bitmap library



Bitmaps represented as strings

The module provides polymorphic support for representation of bitmaps as strings. This module is designed to be most efficient with lazy bytestrings.



data BitmapString Source

A bitmap represented as a string or stored as bytes

By default, the RGB32 format (where the most significant byte, the head-most one, is unused) is used.

The bitmap must be stored by pixels not separated by component. Each pixel must contain at least the red, blue, and green component, each one byte wide (bytes are assumed to be octets), either in that order or reversed. There may be an alpha component either immediately before the other three components or immediately after. Thus there are four possible arrangements of components for each pixel, which must be consistent for every pixel. Any amount of padding or unused bytes is permitted before each pixel, but the amount must be fixed. The same is true also after each pixel.

This type is most efficient with lazy bytestrings.