Changelog for bluetile-0.6

Bluetile 0.6 (on 2011/11/26) Jan Vornberger <> Now that XMonad 0.10 is out, it was possible to clean up Bluetile's code base and reference modules from xmonad-contrib 0.10 instead. Furthermore, the modules XMonad.Hooks.ICCCMFocus (workaround for some problems with Java-based applications) and XMonad.Actions.PhysicalScreens (enumerating multiple monitors in a sensible manner) have been incorporated into the standard configuration. Bluetile 0.5.3 (on 2010/08/10) Jan Vornberger <> Bluetile's theme is now configurable, including the font that is used. I also switched back to the old, grey-ish theme. For reference, below is the blue-ish theme, which was used for a few releases in an attempt to make the focused window stand out more. However, it was not very well received, apparently. Everyone is welcome to choose their own color combinations now. :-) decoration_focused_color = #7ca3d3 decoration_focused_text_color = white decoration_focused_border_color = white decoration_normal_color = #e3e2e1 decoration_normal_text_color = black decoration_normal_border_color = black decoration_font = xft: Sans Bold:size=9 window_border_focused_color = black window_border_normal_color = gray Bluetile should also now build on Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat thanks to a patch by Iain Lane.