Blunt converts between pointfree and pointful Haskell expressions.

Version Dependencies

Blunt is a web front end to the [pointfree][] and [pointful][] libraries. While you can install and run it locally, there's no real reason to prefer it over the `pointfree` and `pointful` executables. Instead, use the hosted version: . ## Install ``` sh $ cabal update $ cabal install 'blunt ==1.*' ``` ## Use ``` sh $ blunt # http://localhost:8080 $ env PORT=8888 blunt # http://localhost:8888 ``` ## Develop ``` sh $ git clone $ cd blunt $ cabal sandbox init $ cabal install happy $ cabal install --only-dependencies $ cabal run # http://localhost:8080 ``` ## Deploy ``` sh # Create a new app on Heroku using the Haskell on Heroku buildpack. $ heroku apps:create --buildpack # Let Halcyon know that we need happy installed. $ heroku config:set HALCYON_SANDBOX_EXTRA_APPS='happy' # Configure AWS S3. $ heroku config:set HALCYON_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='...' $ heroku config:set HALCYON_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='...' $ heroku config:set HALCYON_S3_BUCKET='...' # Push the code up to Heroku. Note that this build is expected to fail. $ git push heroku master # Build the app on a PX dyno. $ heroku run --size PX build # Force Heroku to rebuild the app using the cache built in the last step. $ git commit --amend --no-edit $ git push --force heroku master # Scale up a web dyno to serve requests. $ heroku ps:scale web=1 ``` [pointfree]: [pointful]: