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Random generators with a uniform distribution conditioned to a given size. See also testing-feat, which is currently a faster method with similar results.

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Dependenciesad, base (>=4.9 && <5), containers, hashable, hmatrix, ieee754, MonadRandom, mtl, QuickCheck, transformers, unordered-containers, vector [details]
AuthorLi-yao Xia
CategoryData, Generic, Random
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UploadedSun Mar 5 20:22:44 UTC 2017 by lyxia




testEnable testing. Disabled by default because the current test suite is slow and can fail with non-zero probability.DisabledManual

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Boltzmann samplers Hackage Build Status


Define sized random generators for Data.Data generic types.

    {-# LANGUAGE DeriveDataTypeable #-}

    import Data.Data
    import Test.QuickCheck
    import Boltzmann.Data

    data Term = Lambda Int Term | App Term Term | Var Int
      deriving (Show, Data)

    instance Arbitrary Term where
      arbitrary = sized $ generatorPWith [positiveInts]

    positiveInts :: Alias Gen
    positiveInts =
      alias $ \() -> fmap getPositive arbitrary :: Gen Int

    main = sample (arbitrary :: Gen Term)


An experimental interface to obtain Boltzmann samplers from an applicative specification of a combinatorial system.

No documentation (yet).