build-1.0: Build systems a la carte

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Build schedulers execute task rebuilders in the right order.



topological :: forall i k v. Ord k => Scheduler Applicative i i k v Source #

This scheduler constructs the dependency graph of the target key by extracting all (static) dependencies upfront, and then traversing the graph in the topological order, rebuilding keys using the supplied rebuilder.

restarting :: forall ir k v. Ord k => Scheduler Monad (ir, Chain k) ir k v Source #

A model of the scheduler used by Excel, which builds keys in the order used in the previous build. If a key cannot be build because its dependencies have changed and a new dependency is still dirty, the corresponding build task is abandoned and the key is moved at the end of the calculation chain, so it can be restarted when all its dependencies are up to date.

type Chain k = [k] Source #

The so-called calculation chain: the order in which keys were built during the previous build, which is used as the best guess for the current build by Excel and other similar build systems.

restarting2 :: forall k v. (Hashable v, Eq k) => Scheduler Monad (CT k v) (CT k v) k v Source #

A model of the scheduler used by Bazel. We extract a key K from the queue and try to build it. There are now two cases: 1. The build fails because one of the dependencies of K is dirty. In this case we add the dirty dependency to the queue, listing K as blocked by it. 2. The build succeeds, in which case we add all keys that were previously blocked by K to the queue.

suspending :: forall i k v. Ord k => Scheduler Monad i i k v Source #

This scheduler builds keys recursively: to build a key it executes the associated task, discovering its dependencies on the fly, and if one of the dependencies is dirty, the task is suspended until the dependency is rebuilt. It stores the set of keys that have already been built as part of the state to avoid executing the same task twice.

independent :: forall i k v. Eq k => Scheduler Monad i i k v Source #

An incorrect scheduler that builds the target key without respecting its dependencies. It produces the correct result only if all dependencies of the target key are up to date.