bytestring-strict-builder-0.4.5: An efficient strict bytestring builder

Safe HaskellNone




builderBytes :: Builder -> ByteString Source #

Efficiently constructs a strict bytestring.

builderChunksBuilder :: Builder -> Builder Source #

Converts into the standard lazy bytestring builder. Does so efficiently using the internal APIs of "bytestring", without producing any intermediate representation.

builderLength :: Builder -> Int Source #

O(1). Gets the size of the bytestring that is to be produced.

builderPtrFiller Source #


:: Builder 
-> (Int -> (Ptr Word8 -> IO ()) -> result)

A continuation on the amount of bytes to be written and the action populating the pointer.

-> result 

Use the builder to populate a buffer. It is your responsibility to ensure that the bounds are not exceeded.