Changelog for c2hs-0.17.2

0.17.2 - Fix more regressions from 0.16.6 (affected packages included gnome-keyring, hsndfile and cuda) - Add regression suite tests to reduce chances of future regressions 0.17.1 - Fix regressions from 0.16.6 (caused by fix for issue #45) - Version number bump (should have been done in the last release) 0.16.6 - Trivial integer casts in enum defines supporting typedefs [Anton Dessiatov] - Allow forward definition of enums (issue #23) - Binding of C enums with aliases (issue #38) - Default marshallers for enum and pointer hooks (issue #31) - Remove dependencies on C2HS module from marshalling code (issue #37) - Problem with MacOS blocks notation (issue #29) - Include directive on first line produces invalid Haskell (issue #16) - Add command-line switch to suppress GNU preprocessor symbols (issue #60) - Fix size and alignment computation of bitfields [Facundo Dominguez] - Allow prefixes to be replaced, not just removed (issue #19) - Allow reference to structure tags from accessors (issue #54) For access paths for {#get#}, {#set#}, etc., one can now specify that structure tags are to be searched preferentially by saying, for example, {#get struct _point->y#} instead of {#get _point->y#}. The latter case will search for typedef names first and only then structure tags. - Support for anonymous enums (issue #43) - with... unwrapper type declarations for pointer hooks (issue #44) - {#fun...#} indentation for use in where clauses (issue #45) - incorrect method names from terminal class in superclass instances (issue #21) - "offsetof" directive (issue #22) - --include flag cannot handle windows paths (issue #30) Now uses System.FilePath splitSearchPath function, which should be platform-agnostic. - Void functions produce "defined but not used" warning (issue #47) Handle fun hooks with a void result using ">>" instead of ">>=". - Add CPP undefine flags for Gnu compiler defines (issue #51) - Cabal test suite 0.16.5 - Migration to GitHub; documentation changes. CHANGES ABOVE THIS POINT ARE FOR VERSIONS AFTER THE MOVE OF THE REPOSITORY TO GITHUB. FOR EARLIER CHANGES SEE ChangeLog.old.