cabal-debian-4.15.2: Create a debianization for a cabal package

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data Atoms Source

Bits and pieces of information about the mapping from cabal package names and versions to debian package names and versions. In essence, an Atoms value represents a package's debianization. The lenses in this module are used to get and set the values hidden in this Atoms value. Many of the values should be left alone to be set when the debianization is finalized.

runDebT :: Monad m => DebT m a -> Atoms -> m (a, Atoms)Source

evalDebT :: Monad m => DebT m a -> Atoms -> m aSource

execDebT :: Monad m => DebT m a -> Atoms -> m AtomsSource

runDebM :: DebM a -> Atoms -> (a, Atoms)Source

modify cabal to debian package version map