cabal-debian-4.20.1: Create a Debianization for a Cabal package

Safe HaskellNone



Support for generating Debianization from Cabal data.



substvars Source


:: (MonadIO m, Functor m) 
=> DebType

The type of deb we want to write substvars for - Dev, Prof, or Doc

-> DebT m () 

Expand the contents of the .substvars file for a library package. Each cabal package corresponds to a directory name-version, either in usrlib or in usrlibhaskell-packagesghc/lib. In that directory is a compiler subdirectory such as ghc-6.8.2. In the ghc subdirectory is one or two library files of the form libHSname-version.a and libHSname-version_p.a. We can determine the debian package names by running dpkg -S on these names, or examining the varlibdpkginfo/*.list files. From these we can determine the source package name, and from that the documentation package name.