cabal-debian-4.31.9: Create a Debianization for a Cabal package

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newestAvailable :: FilePath -> BinPkgName -> Maybe DebianVersion Source

Memoized version of newestAvailable'

compilerFlavorOption :: forall a. (CompilerFlavor -> a -> a) -> OptDescr (a -> a) Source

General function to build a command line option that reads most of the possible values for CompilerFlavor.

getCompilerInfo :: MonadIO m => FilePath -> CompilerFlavor -> WithProcAndSys m CompilerInfo Source

IO based alternative to newestAvailableCompilerId - install the compiler into the chroot if necessary and ask it for its version number. This has the benefit of working for ghcjs, which doesn't make the base ghc version available in the version number.

Assumes the compiler executable is already installed in the root environment.