cabal-debian-4.36.1: Create a Debianization for a Cabal package

Safe HaskellNone




Determine whether a specific version of a Haskell package is bundled with into this particular version of the given compiler. This is done by getting the Provides field from the output of "apt-cache showpkg ghc" (run in the appropriate changeroot) and converting the debian package names back to Cabal package names. *That* is done using the debianNameMap of CabalInfo, which is built using the mapCabal, splitCabal, and remapCabal functions.



builtIn :: CompilerFlavor -> FilePath -> [PackageIdentifier] Source #

Find out what version, if any, of a cabal library is built into the newest version of haskell compiler hc in environment root. This is done by looking for .conf files beneath a package.conf.d directory and parsing the name. (Probably better to actually read the .conf file.)


aptCacheProvides :: BinPkgName -> FilePath -> [PackageIdentifier] Source #

What built in libraries does this haskell compiler provide?