Changelog for cabal-install-

-*-change-log-*- Ryan Thomas <> June 2015 * A fix for @ezyang's fix for #2502. (Mikhail Glushenkov) Ryan Thomas <> June 2015 * Reduce temporary directory name length, fixes #2502. (Edward Z. Yang) Ryan Thomas <> May 2015 * Force cabal upload to always use digest auth and never basic auth. * Add dependency-graph information to `printPlan` output * fixes linker matching to avoid cases where tested linker names appear unexpectedly in compiler output (fixes #2542) Ryan Thomas <> April 2015 * Fix bash completion for sandbox subcommands - Fixes #2513 (Mikhail Glushenkov) * filterConfigureFlags: filter more flags (Mikhail Glushenkov) Ryan Thomas <> March 2015 * Don't pass '--{en,dis}able-profiling' to old setup exes. * -Wall police * Allow filepath 1.4 1.21.x (current development version) * New command: user-config (#2159). * Implement 'cabal repl --only' (#2016). * Fix an issue when 'cabal repl' was doing unnecessary compilation (#1715). * Prompt the user to specify source directory in 'cabal init' (#1989). * Remove the self-upgrade check (#2090). * Don't redownload already downloaded packages when bootstrapping (#2133). * Support sandboxes in '' (#2137). * Install profiling and shared libs by default in '' (#2009). Johan Tibell <> June 2014 * Don't attempt to rename dist if it is already named correctly * Treat all flags of a package as interdependent. * Allow template-haskell to be upgradable again Johan Tibell <> May 2014 * Increase max-backjumps to 2000. * Fix solver bug which led to missed install plans. * Fix streaming test output. * Tweak solver heuristics to avoid reinstalls. Johan Tibell <> May 2014 * Fix cabal repl search path bug on Windows * Include OS and arch in cabal-install user agent * Revert --constraint flag behavior in configure to 1.18 behavior Johan Tibell <> April 2014 * Build only selected executables * Add -j flag to build/test/bench/run * Improve install log file * Don't symlink executables when in a sandbox * Add --package-db flag to 'list' and 'info' * Make upload more efficient * Add --require-sandbox option * Add experimental Cabal file format command * Add haddock section to config file * Add --main-is flag to init 0.14.0 Andres Loeh <> April 2012 * Works with ghc-7.4 * Completely new modular dependency solver (default in most cases) * Some tweaks to old topdown dependency solver * Install plans are now checked for reinstalls that break packages * Flags --constraint and --preference work for nonexisting packages * New constraint forms for source and installed packages * New constraint form for package-specific use flags * New constraint form for package-specific stanza flags * Test suite dependencies are pulled in on demand * No longer install packages on --enable-tests when tests fail * New "cabal bench" command * Various "cabal init" tweaks 0.10.0 Duncan Coutts <> February 2011 * New package targets: local dirs, local and remote tarballs * Initial support for a "world" package target * Partial fix for situation where user packages mask global ones * Removed cabal upgrade, new --upgrade-dependencies flag * New cabal install --only-dependencies flag * New cabal fetch --no-dependencies and --dry-run flags * Improved output for cabal info * Simpler and faster bash command line completion * Fix for broken proxies that decompress wrongly * Fix for cabal unpack to preserve executable permissions * Adjusted the output for the -v verbosity level in a few places 0.8.2 Duncan Coutts <> March 2010 * Fix for cabal update on Windows * On windows switch to per-user installs (rather than global) * Handle intra-package dependencies in dependency planning * Minor tweaks to cabal init feature * Fix various -Wall warnings * Fix for cabal sdist --snapshot 0.8.0 Duncan Coutts <> Dec 2009 * Works with ghc-6.12 * New "cabal init" command for making initial project .cabal file * New feature to maintain an index of haddock documentation 0.6.4 Duncan Coutts <> Nov 2009 * Improve the algorithm for selecting the base package version * Hackage errors now reported by "cabal upload [--check]" * Improved format of messages from "cabal check" * Config file can now be selected by an env var * Updated tar reading/writing code * Improve instructions in the README and bootstrap output * Fix on Solaris 9 * Fix bootstrap for systems where network uses parsec 3 * Fix building with ghc-6.6 0.6.2 Duncan Coutts <> Feb 2009 * The upgrade command has been disabled in this release * The configure and install commands now have consistent behaviour * Reduce the tendancy to re-install already existing packages * The --constraint= flag now works for the install command * New --preference= flag for soft constraints / version preferences * Improved script, smarter and better error checking * New cabal info command to display detailed info on packages * New cabal unpack command to download and untar a package * HTTP-4000 package required, should fix bugs with http proxies * Now works with authenticated proxies. * On Windows can now override the proxy setting using an env var * Fix compatability with config files generated by older versions * Warn if the hackage package list is very old * More helpful --help output, mention config file and examples * Better documentation in ~/.cabal/config file * Improved command line interface for logging and build reporting * Minor improvements to some messages 0.6.0 Duncan Coutts <> Oct 2008 * Constraint solver can now cope with base 3 and base 4 * Allow use of package version preferences from hackage index * More detailed output from cabal install --dry-run -v * Improved 0.5.2 Duncan Coutts <> Aug 2008 * Suport building haddock documentaion * Self-reinstall now works on Windows * Allow adding symlinks to excutables into a separate bindir * New self-documenting config file * New install --reinstall flag * More helpful status messages in a couple places * Upload failures now report full text error message from the server * Support for local package repositories * New build logging and reporting * New command to upload build reports to (a compatible) server * Allow tilde in hackage server URIs * Internal code improvements * Many other minor improvements and bug fixes 0.5.1 Duncan Coutts <> June 2008 * Restore minimal hugs support in dependency resolver * Fix for disabled http proxies on Windows * Revert to global installs on Windows by default 0.5.0 Duncan Coutts <> June 2008 * New package dependency resolver, solving diamond dep problem * Integrate cabal-setup functionality * Integrate cabal-upload functionality * New cabal update and check commands * Improved behavior for install and upgrade commands * Full Windows support * New command line handling * Bash command line completion * Allow case insensitive package names on command line * New --dry-run flag for install, upgrade and fetch commands * New --root-cmd flag to allow installing as root * New --cabal-lib-version flag to select different Cabal lib versions * Support for HTTP proxies * Improved cabal list output * Build other non-dependent packages even when some fail * Report a summary of all build failures at the end * Partial support for hugs * Partial implementation of build reporting and logging * More consistent logging and verbosity * Significant internal code restructuring 0.4 Duncan Coutts <> Oct 2007 * Renamed executable from 'cabal-install' to 'cabal' * Partial Windows compatability * Do per-user installs by default * cabal install now installs the package in the current directory * Allow multiple remote servers * Use zlib lib and internal tar code and rather than external tar * Reorganised configuration files * Significant code restructuring * Cope with packages with conditional dependencies 0.3 and older versions by Lemmih, Paolo Martini and others 2006-2007 * Switch from smart-server, dumb-client model to the reverse * New .tar.gz based index format * New remote and local package archive format