Changelog for cairo-core-1.16.7

commit 7f421b38df3a8047e6c35ae012c851edc613e66d Author: Magicloud <> Date: Sat Apr 6 21:40:45 2019 +0800 Bugfix: Wrong source file was fed to C2HS. C2HS should be the step after lambda annotation expanding. But it was fed with the input of former step, instead of the output. This was not noted until building cairo-core with previous version of Cairo. Another issue appeared when building with previous versoin of Cairo, that the dumb version of functions triggered two warnings. No type signature and unused variables. Also fixed. commit ccb4d612c2428a7fd013359363ed07ae897d7201 Author: Magicloud <> Date: Sat Apr 6 13:55:11 2019 +0800 CircleCI setup commit d93da9d25a398326a529ba29c7726da1f4486732 Author: Magicloud <> Date: Sun Feb 10 18:47:28 2019 +0800 Add more surfaces. Add warnings for non-exist functions/types. - All surfaces without extra backends (X11, Windows, MacOS) are done. - All functions/types depends on HAS flag or Cairo version are wrapped with WARNING pragma if they do not exist in Cairo of user environment. - Corrected `withArrayLen` usage. commit cb64d583bb961b3062c672c3f17a5dafad9b0da7 Author: Magicloud <> Date: Wed Feb 6 14:46:24 2019 +0800 Fix bug in .cabal. Bug was made when making sdist, causes 1.16.4 unbuildable. commit 0aef99978ed5937c5716d1a90209019fba859830 Author: Magicloud <> Date: Sun Feb 3 14:31:09 2019 +0800 Remove "\n" in one `p` to fix haddock bug. Due to haddock bug, when a link is at the beginning of a line, it is not recognized. Some cases excluded. commit 547703b7ae8f002e4624cbc4fb2fbfc4231f6863 Author: Magicloud <> Date: Sat Feb 2 14:59:48 2019 +0800 Refine hackage information. commit a10112f890a39805f5f49bfa6d479694e8f642bc Author: Magicloud <> Date: Sat Feb 2 14:55:17 2019 +0800 Pretty Document DONE: Document formating. Current document just removes all formation, which looks ugly. commit 570c98b464dcb0b2a9a20607a7e6fa592fcd2fb6 Author: Magicloud <> Date: Sun Jan 27 17:41:27 2019 +0800 Document generation, from URLs pointing to Cairo website. Even this is just a binding library. Proper docuemnt saves end user from opening another website and checking for naming and parameters difference. TODO: Document formating. Current document just removes all formation, which looks ugly. commit d670308e221f532735c76c6e482d6729f1ce7af2 Author: Magicloud <> Date: Fri Jan 18 23:47:54 2019 +0800 Fix Render generation logic. Now this package is rebuildable and works with haddock. Building system skips source files that are not changed after last building. Thus those files won't be scanned by `genRender`. Therefore target Render.hs did not contain methods from those since it was always from Render.hs in source. Now target Render.hs is checked first to see if this is just updating some Decls, or generating new from source. commit 897c705222ce09217b44627c53697633ea52c0d1 Author: 王世达 <> Date: Wed Jan 16 00:01:31 2019 +0800 Update commit f1a9a8b8ff817e6c01c14cf3b7907ea80a08c7dd Author: Magicloud <> Date: Tue Jan 15 22:59:14 2019 +0800 Update readme. Add `MonadIO Render` and `with`. `IO` action in `Render` cannot be done without `MonadIO Render`. `with` is `use` in `Render`. commit 3d24f3557b94774b3016ea7c2520d8621c02b96d Author: Magicloud <> Date: Wed Jan 9 15:39:07 2019 +0800 Cairo Haskell binding. Non-optional part. Cairo binding available with GHC 8.6. Trying to make this memory safe and typed. Haddock does not work yet.