cartel- Specify your Cabal files in Haskell

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An abstract syntax tree for Cabal files. There are thoughts in the Cartel module documentation on why this wheel is reinvented rather than reusing the types already available in the Cabal library.

The Cabal data type represents the root of the Cabal file; all other types in this file are ultimately components of the Cabal type.

Much documentation in this module is copied from the Developing Cabal Packages guide at


Constraint trees

data Logical Source



newtype Version Source

A version number. The Cabal documentation says this "usually" consists of a sequence of natural numbers separated by dots. Though this suggests that a version number could contain something other than natural numbers, in fact the types in the Cabal library do not allow anything other than numbers and you will get a parse error if you try to use anything else.

Therefore Cartel's Version type only allows a list of Int in a version number.




unVersion :: [Int]

data Constraint Source

A version constraint; used primarily when specifying the build dependencies of a package. For example, to specify less than version 1.0, use Constraint LT (Version [1,0]).

There is no way to express less than or equal to or greater than or equal to; for that, use ConstrTree.



data ConstrTree Source

Expresses a tree of constraints. This is how you represent more complex dependency relationships. For example, to represent less than or equal to version 1.0, use

> let one = Version [1,0]
> in Branch Or (Constraint LT one) (Constraint EQ one)

Combinators in Cartel.Tools help you build the most common cases.

Global package description

data Compiler Source



data Properties Source

Global package properties. Most of the String fields are optional; to leave them blank, use the empty string. To future proof your code, use empty, which provides this record already filled in with default values (which are typically blank.) Then you only alter the fields you wish to fill in.




prName :: String

Unique name of package, without the version number

prVersion :: Version

Package version number

prCabalVersion :: (Int, Int)
prBuildType :: BuildType
prLicense :: License
prLicenseFile :: String

The file containing the precise copyright license

prLicenseFiles :: [String]

Multiple license files; use in addition to, or instead of, prLicenseFile

prCopyright :: String

Copyright notice; typically the name of the holder of the copyright and the year(s) for which copyright is claimed

prAuthor :: String

Original package author

prMaintainer :: String

Current package maintainer; this is an email address to which users should send bug reports, feature requests, and patches.

prStability :: String

Package stability level, e.g. alpha, stable, etc.

prHomepage :: String

URL of package homepage

prBugReports :: String

URL where users should direct bug reports. Should be either a mailto: URL for a person or mailing list, or an http: or https: URL for an online bug tracking system.

prPackageUrl :: String

The location of a source bundle for the package.

prSynopsis :: String

Short, one-line synopsis of what the package does

prDescription :: [String]

Each line of the long description. Do not include the newlines themselves. If you wish to include a blank line, include a list item that is the empty string; upon rendering, a single period will be inserted, as Cabal requires when inputting blank lines.

prCategory :: String

A comma-separated list of categories to use on Hackage.

prTestedWith :: [(Compiler, ConstrTree)]

Compilers and versions against which the package has been tested.

prDataFiles :: [String]

List of files to be installed for run-time use by the package.

prDataDir :: String

The directory where Cabal looks for data files to install, relative to the source directory. By default Cabal looks in the source directory itself.

prExtraSourceFiles :: [String]

List of additional files to be included in source distributions built with setup sdist. This can use a limited form of * wildcards in file names.

prExtraDocFiles :: [String]

List of additional files to be included in source distributions, and also copied to the html directory when Haddock documentation is generated. As with data-files it can use a limited form of * wildcards in file names.

prExtraTmpFiles :: [String]

List of additional files or directories to be removed by setup clean. These would typically be additional files created by additional hooks.


Eq Properties 
Ord Properties 
Show Properties 
Empty Properties

A default Properties. prCabalVersion is (1, 14) to specify Cabal version 1.14; prBuildType is Simple, and prLicense is BSD3. All other items are either the empty String or the empty list, including the prVersion, which is left empty.


data RepoKind Source

What kind of VCS repository is this?



The latest development branch of the repository


The sources for this release of this package.

data Vcs Source


Cvs String

The argument String is the named module



data Repository Source




repoVcs :: Vcs

Specifies the version control system in use.

repoKind :: RepoKind

Whether this is a head, which refers to the latest development branch of the package, or a this, which contains the sources for this release of the package.

repoLocation :: String

A URL giving the location of the repository. Will vary by repository type; for git, you may use a git: URL, for example. This field is required.

repoBranch :: String

For example, CVS, SVN, and git can have multiple branches in a single repository; darcs cannot. If you need to specify a branch, do it here. This field is optional.

repoTag :: String

A repository tag. It is required for the this repo kind. It is optional for the head repo kind. The tag will often be a version number of some kind and should point the user to the sources in the repo that correspond to a particular package version.

repoSubdir :: String

Some projects put the sources for multiple packages under a single source repository. This field lets you specify the relative path from the root of the repository to the top directory for the package, ie the directory containing the package’s .cabal file.

This field is optional. It defaults to empty which corresponds to the root directory of the repository.


Eq Repository 
Ord Repository 
Show Repository 
Empty Repository

A default Repository. The VCS type is Git and the repository kind is Head. All other values are the empty string.


data Flag Source

A single flag.




flName :: String

The name of the flag; other parts of the Cabal file refer to the flag using this name.

flDescription :: String

A description of the flag (typically one line long.)

flDefault :: Bool

Default value of this flag.

flManual :: Bool

If True, then Cabal will not change this flag's value as it tries to build the package. If False, then Cabal will first try to satisfy dependencies with the default flag value and then, if that is not possible, with the negated value.


Eq Flag 
Ord Flag 
Show Flag 
Empty Flag

A default Flag. flName and flDescription are empty; flDefault is True, and flManual is False.

Build information

data Package Source

A single package, consisting of a package name and an optional set of constraints. Used when specifying BuildDepends, BuildTools, and PkgConfigDepends.

data Language Source

Default language. Currently not documented in Cabal docs, see



data BuildInfoField Source

A single field of build information. This can appear in a Library, Executable, Test-Suite, or Benchmark.


BuildDepends [Package]

A list of packages needed to build this component

OtherModules [String]

Modules used but not exposed. For libraries, these are hidden modules; for executable, these are auxiliary modules to be linked with the file in the main-is field.

modules can help greatly with maintenance of this field.

HsSourceDirs [String]

Root directories for the module hierarchy

Extensions [String]

Haskell extensions used by every module.

BuildTools [Package]

Programs needed to build this package, such as c2hs.

Buildable Bool

Is this component buildable?

GHCOptions [String] 
GHCProfOptions [String] 
GHCSharedOptions [String] 
HugsOptions [String] 
Nhc98Options [String] 
Includes [String]

Header files to be included in any compilations via C. Applies to both header files that are already installed on the system and to those coming with the package to be installed.

InstallIncludes [String]

Header files to be installed into $libdir/includes when the package is installed. These files should be found in relative to the top of the source tree or relative to one of the directories listed in include-dirs.

IncludeDirs [String]

List of diretories to search for header files when dealing with C compilations.

CSources [String]

C sources to be compiled and lined with the Haskell files.

ExtraLibraries [String]

Extra libraries to link with.

ExtraLibDirs [String]

Directories to search for libraries.

CCOptions [String]

C Compiler options.

CPPOptions [String]

C Preprocessor options. Undocumented, see

LDOptions [String]

Linker options.

PkgConfigDepends [Package]

List of pkg-config packages needed to build this component.

Frameworks [String]

OS X frameworks.

DefaultLanguage Language 


data Condition Source

Conditions to use in the if statement when defining conitional blocks.


OS String

Operating system; tested against System.Info.os on the target system.

Arch String

Argument is matched against System.Info.arch on the target system.

Impl (Compiler, Maybe ConstrTree)

Tests for the configured Haskell implementation.

CFlag String

Evaluates to the current assignment of the flag of the given name. Flag names are case insensitive. Testing for flags that have not been introduced with a flag section is an error.


Always true.


Always false.

data CondBlock a Source

An if-then-else block.




condIf :: CondTree
ifTrue :: [a]
ifElse :: [a]


Functor CondBlock 
Eq a => Eq (CondBlock a) 
Ord a => Ord (CondBlock a) 
Show a => Show (CondBlock a) 


data LibraryField Source

A field in the Library section of the Cabal file. A Library section can have multiple fields.


LibExposedModules [String]

Exposed modules. modules can help you generate this.

LibExposed Bool

Is the library exposed? GHC can hide libraries.

LibConditional (CondBlock LibraryField)

The Library section can contain conditional blocks.

LibInfo BuildInfoField

The Library section can contain build information.

newtype Library Source

The entire Library section.




libFields :: [LibraryField]


data ExecutableField Source

A single field in an Executable section. An Executable section may have multiple fields.


ExeMainIs String

main-is. This field is required.

ExeConditional (CondBlock ExecutableField)

An Executable section can contain conditional blocks.

ExeInfo BuildInfoField

An Executable section can contain one or more build information fields.

data Executable Source

An entire Executable section.




exeName :: String

The name of the executable that Cabal will build.

exeFields :: [ExecutableField]

Zero or more fields associated with this executable.

Test suites

data TestSuiteType Source

What kind of test suite is this?



An exitcode-stdio-1.0 test. The String is the name of the file containing the executable code. In this case, the TestMainIs field is required.


The detailed-1.0 test. In this case, the TestModule field is required.

data TestSuiteField Source

A single field value in a test suite section. A single test suite section may contain mulitple fields.


TestType TestSuiteType

What kind of test this is

TestMainIs String

The name of the .hs or .lhs file containing the Main module. The .hs filename must be listed, even if that file is generated with a preprocessor. The file must be relatie to one of the directories listed in HsSourceDirs. This field is required when using ExitcodeStdio and disallowed when using Detailed.

TestModule String

The module exporting the tests symbol. This field is required when using Detailed and disallowed when using ExitcodeStdio.

TestConditional (CondBlock TestSuiteField)

A test may contain zero or more conditional blocks.

TestInfo BuildInfoField

A test suite can contain build information fields.

data TestSuite Source

An entire test suite section.




tsName :: String

The executable name of the resulting test suite

tsFields :: [TestSuiteField]

Zero or more fields configuring the test.


data BenchmarkField Source

A single field in a Benchmark section. Because Cabal currently supports only one benchmark interface, which is exitcode-stdio-1.0, all Cartel-generated files using benchmarks will have benchmarks of this type.


BenchmarkConditional (CondBlock BenchmarkField)

A benchmark can have conditional blocks.

BenchmarkInfo BuildInfoField

A benchmark can have build information fields.

data Benchmark Source




bmName :: String

The name of the benchmark that will be built

bmMainIs :: String

The .hs or .lhs file containing the Main module.

bmFields :: [BenchmarkField]

Zero or more benchmark fields.


data Cabal Source

Data for the entire Cabal file.


Eq Cabal 
Ord Cabal 
Show Cabal 
Empty Cabal

A default Cabal. empty is used for cProperties, and cLibrary is Nothing; all other lists are empty.