cereal-vector- Serialize instances for Data.Vector types.

Safe HaskellNone



Data.Serialize functions for Data.Vector.Generic vectors. Orphan instances are provided for Data.Vector, Data.Vector.Unboxed, Data.Vector.Storable, and Data.Vector.Primitive vectors.

The serialized format is an Int64 representing the length of the vector, followed by the Data.Serialized contents of each element.

Note that the functions in Data.Vector.Storable.UnsafeSerialize perform much better when serialization does not need to account for host endianness and word size.



genericGetVector :: (Serialize a, Vector v a) => Get (v a)Source

Read a Vector.

genericPutVector :: (Serialize a, Vector v a) => Putter (v a)Source

Write a Vector.

genericGetVectorWith :: Vector v a => Get a -> Get (v a)Source

Read a Vector using custom Get for the vector's elements.

genericPutVectorWith :: Vector v a => Putter a -> Putter (v a)Source

Write a Vector using custom Putter for the vector's elements.