{-# LANGUAGE MultiParamTypeClasses, FlexibleInstances, FunctionalDependencies, Safe #-}

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-- | Provides an unbalanced BST with a focus on the root.
module Data.Chatty.Focus (Focus, focusSelect) where

import Data.Chatty.BST
import Data.Chatty.None

-- | An unbalanced BST with a focus on the root.
newtype Focus a = Focus { runFocus :: BST a }

instance None (Focus a) where
  none = Focus none

instance Indexable i o v => AnyBST Focus i o v where
  anyBstInsert i t = Focus $ bstInsert i $ runFocus t
  anyBstRemove o t = Focus $ bstRemove o $ runFocus t
  anyBstMax t = bstMax $ runFocus t
  anyBstMin t = bstMin $ runFocus t
  anyBstLookup o t = bstLookup o $ runFocus t
  anyBstHead t = bstHead $ runFocus t
  anyBstEmpty = Focus none
  anyBstInorder t = bstInorder $ runFocus t

focusSelect' :: Indexable i o v => o -> BST i -> Maybe (BST i)
focusSelect' _ EmptyBST = Nothing
focusSelect' o t@(BST a l r)
  | o == indexOf a = Just t
  | o < indexOf a = case focusSelect' o l of
      Just (BST a' l' r') -> Just $ BST a' l' (BST a r' r)
      Nothing -> Nothing
  | otherwise = case focusSelect' o r of
      Nothing -> Nothing
      Just (BST a' l' r') -> Just $ BST a' (BST a l l') r'

focusInsert' :: Indexable i o v => i -> BST i -> BST i
focusInsert' i = unjust . focusSelect' (indexOf i) . bstInsert i
  where unjust (Just j) = j

-- | Rotate the tree such that the given element becomes the root node.
focusSelect o t = fmap Focus $ focusSelect' o $ runFocus t