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This module contains support for CSP-style tracing. A CSP trace is simply a flat list of events in the order in which they occurred.
newtype CSPTrace u = CSPTrace (ChannelLabels u, [RecordedEvent u])
getCSPPlain :: CSPTrace String -> [RecordedEvent String]
runCHP_CSPTrace :: CHP a -> IO (Maybe a, CSPTrace Unique)
runCHP_CSPTraceAndPrint :: CHP a -> IO ()
newtype CSPTrace u Source
A classic CSP trace. It is simply the channel labels, and a list of recorded events in sequence -- the head of the list is the first (oldest) event.
CSPTrace (ChannelLabels u, [RecordedEvent u])
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getCSPPlain :: CSPTrace String -> [RecordedEvent String]Source

A helper function for pulling out the interesting bit from a CSP trace processed by labelAll.

Added in version 1.5.0.

runCHP_CSPTrace :: CHP a -> IO (Maybe a, CSPTrace Unique)Source
runCHP_CSPTraceAndPrint :: CHP a -> IO ()Source
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