clash-lib-0.4.1: CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - As a Library

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Transformations of the Normalization process



appProp :: NormRewrite Source

Propagate arguments of application inwards; except for Lam where the argument becomes let-bound.

bindNonRep :: NormRewrite Source

Inline non-recursive, non-representable let-bindings

liftNonRep :: NormRewrite Source

Lift non-representable let-bindings

caseLet :: NormRewrite Source

Lift the let-bindings out of the subject of a Case-decomposition

caseCon :: NormRewrite Source

Specialize a Case-decomposition (replace by the RHS of an alternative) if the subject is (an application of) a DataCon; or if there is only a single alternative that doesn't reference variables bound by the pattern.

caseCase :: NormRewrite Source

Move a Case-decomposition from the subject of a Case-decomposition to the alternatives

inlineNonRep :: NormRewrite Source

Inline function with a non-representable result if it's the subject of a Case-decomposition

typeSpec :: NormRewrite Source

Specialize functions on their type

nonRepSpec :: NormRewrite Source

Specialize functions on their non-representable argument

etaExpansionTL :: NormRewrite Source

Eta-expand top-level lambda's (DON'T use in a traversal!)

nonRepANF :: NormRewrite Source

Bring an application of a DataCon or Primitive in ANF, when the argument is is considered non-representable

bindConstantVar :: NormRewrite Source

Inline let-bindings when the RHS is either a local variable reference or is constant

constantSpec :: NormRewrite Source

Specialise functions on arguments which are constant

makeANF :: NormRewrite Source

Turn an expression into a modified ANF-form. As opposed to standard ANF, constants do not become let-bound.

deadCode :: NormRewrite Source

Remove unused let-bindings

topLet :: NormRewrite Source

Ensure that top-level lambda's eventually bind a let-expression of which the body is a variable-reference.

recToLetRec :: NormRewrite Source

Turn a normalized recursive function, where the recursive calls only pass along the unchanged original arguments, into let-recursive function. This means that all recursive calls are replaced by the same variable reference as found in the body of the top-level let-expression.

inlineClosed :: NormRewrite Source

Inline nullary/closed functions

inlineHO :: NormRewrite Source

Inline a function with functional arguments

inlineSmall :: NormRewrite Source

Inline small functions

simpleCSE :: NormRewrite Source

Simplified CSE, only works on let-bindings, works from top to bottom