Changelog for cmdargs-0.10.20

Changelog for CmdArgs 0.10.20, released 2018-01-22 #54, use the getopt data types from base 0.10.19, released 2018-01-01 #47, ensure Semigroup instance on all GHC versions 0.10.18, released 2017-09-24 #47, GHC 8.4 compatibility 0.10.17, released 2017-03-31 Add processValueIO for more controlled error messages #529, don't include the stack trace in processValue 0.10.16, released 2017-03-22 Minor improvement to error messages 0.10.15, released 2017-03-06 #43, GHC 8.2 compatibility 0.10.14, released 2016-02-16 #39, ensure correct line breaks in HTML help output #18, preserve manual \n in help messages #25, reformat the README 0.10.13, released 2015-05-22 #24, support Ratio in some places 0.10.12, released 2014-10-27 GHC 7.2 compatibility 0.10.11, released 2014-10-12 #15, never put [brackets] around optional args in Explicit 0.10.10, released 2014-09-18 #14, fix @ file arguments 0.10.9, released 2014-07-22 #10, fix versionArgs (broken in 0.10.8) 0.10.8, released 2014-07-21 Avoid compilation warnings on GHC 7.8 #9, add --numeric-version flag Update the copyright year Change GetOpt.usageInfo to be more like GetOpt 0.10.7, released 2013-12-09 #1, fix timestamps in .tar.gz dist file 0.10.6, released 2013-12-05 #625, more documentation about args/argPos #626, ensure initial lists don't get reversed (fix after #610) 0.10.5, released 2013-07-29 #615, support lists inside a newtype 0.10.4, released 2013-06-26 #610, make sure it is O(n) to append arguments, not O(n^2) 0.10.3, released 2013-04-05 Append list items under an enum Support &= ignore on enum fields 0.10.2, released 2013-02-28 Relax upper bounds to be GHC 7.7 compatible 0.10.1, released 2012-11-17 #569, set the test program to off by default Complete revamp of cmdargs-browser, far better Javascript Add a missing case for Helper marshalling FlagNone 0.10, released 2012-08-09 Revert to 0.9.6, including modeExpandAt 0.9.7, released 2012-08-09 Revert to 0.9.5, to fix up PVP breakage 0.9.6, released 2012-07-29 #539, hopefully more fixes to compiling in profile mode #522, add modeExpandAt and noAtExpand annotation #522, don't @expand after -- 0.9.5, released 2012-03-25 Don't specify TH extension unless quotation is true 0.9.4, released 2012-03-25 #539, specify the TH extension in the Cabal file Allow transformers 0.3.* Correct copyright in license and cabal file 0.9.3, released 2012-02-10 Add expandArgsAt and support for @ flag file directives 0.9.2, released 2012-01-07 Don't build the test program if quotation is turned off 0.9.1, released 2012-01-05 Improve the documentation for the Explicit module #433, propagate groupname on modes in the Implicit code 0.9, released 2011-11-05 #467, add completions for people running bash #334, add a Quote module, to write pure in the impure syntax #482, fix the sample in Explicit, don't use def #461, fix the translation for enum/enum_ Make showHelp take an argument for the prefix bits Add Helper interface, and initial cmdargs-browser code Add splitArgs/joinArgs 0.8, released 2011-08-13 #450, redo the manual generator so Maker example is not cut off Support all the types in Data.Int/Data.Word Make modeArgs take a list of arguments as well 0.7, released 2011-05-07 No changes, just a version bump to allow requiring the GHC fix 0.6.10, released 2011-05-07 Change the annotate module to cope better with GHC's CSE 0.6.9, released 2011-04-03 #422, support newtype value as the underlying type 0.6.8, released 2011-02-13 Allow versionArgs [summary] to override --version Improve the documentation surrounding opt Add modeReform to Mode Add modeEmpty, to construct blank Mode values Improve the documentation surrounding pure annotations. 0.6.7, released 2011-01-15 #395, don't put two newlines after --help or --version 0.6.6, released 2010-12-30 #392, support helpArgs [groupname "something"] 0.6.5, released 2010-12-15 Don't fail with ambiguous enum if you exactly match a value Put errors on stderr 0.6.4, released 2010-11-20 Eliminate the filepath dependence 0.6.3, released 2010-11-10 Switch mtl for transformers 0.6.2, released 2010-11-10 Build on GHC 7.0 RC2, add an extra type signature Add verbosityArgs to customise the verbose/quiet flags Add helpArg/versionArg flags to customise those flags Support multiline summary using \n escape codes 0.6.1, released 2010-10-04 Build on GHC 6.10, don't rely on record name disambiguation 0.6, released 2010-09-18 Add ignore annotation for modes and flags #350, make top-level help appear properly 0.5, released 2010-09-15 #351, name/explicit attributes on mode were broken (regression) 0.4, released 2010-09-05 #342, display common fields only once Raise errors if annotations are placed in invalid places Rewrite the translation of annotation to explicit modes Treat anything after -- as an argument Add a pure annotation mechanism Introduce System.Console.CmdArgs.Annotate 0.3, released 2010-08-23 Add a documentation example for the Explicit mode Improve the purity and annotations a bit, try disabling CSE Change the help format Rename groupHiden to groupHidden, patch from Matthew Cox Bug, missing fields and explicit enums didn't work together 0.2, released 2010-08-14 #252, add support for grouped flags/modes #333, support missing fields Add support for reading tuple values (including nested) #292, add support for automatic enumerations #221, make argpos work with non-string fields #222, support opt and args together #230, different modes can share short flags #295, make verbosity flags explicit #231, add support for Maybe #256, add --option=false support Complete rewrite to introduce Explicit module 0.1, released 2009-09-12 Start of changelog