collada-types-0.3: Data exchange between graphic applications




animatedCube :: (Scene, [Animation])Source

An animated cube

aScene :: SceneSource

Example scene with a cube

aCube :: SceneNodeSource

Every scene needs a camera and light

animation :: [Animation]Source

Example animation of the cube

cube :: GeometrySource

A blue/textured cube

animation2 :: [Animation]Source

Animation of several cubes

new_channels :: AnimChannel -> [SceneNode] -> AnimChannelSource

generate an animation that points to the cubes

tran :: SceneNode -> V3 -> String -> SceneNodeSource

a helper function for xyz_grid

xyz_grid :: Int -> Int -> Int -> Float -> SceneNode -> [SceneNode]Source

Generate a 3 dimensional grid where an object (stored in a SceneNode) is repeated in along the grid