compdata-0.6: Compositional Data Types

Portabilitynon-portable (GHC Extensions)
MaintainerPatrick Bahr <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



This module provides functionality to number the components of a functorial value with consecutive integers.



newtype Numbered a Source

This type is used for numbering components of a functorial value.


Numbered (Int, a) 


Eq (Numbered a) 
Ord (Numbered a) 

number :: Traversable f => f a -> f (Numbered a)Source

This function numbers the components of the given functorial value with consecutive integers starting at 0.

class (Functor t, Foldable t) => Traversable t

Functors representing data structures that can be traversed from left to right.

Minimal complete definition: traverse or sequenceA.

Instances are similar to Functor, e.g. given a data type

 data Tree a = Empty | Leaf a | Node (Tree a) a (Tree a)

a suitable instance would be

 instance Traversable Tree where
    traverse f Empty = pure Empty
    traverse f (Leaf x) = Leaf <$> f x
    traverse f (Node l k r) = Node <$> traverse f l <*> f k <*> traverse f r

This is suitable even for abstract types, as the laws for <*> imply a form of associativity.

The superclass instances should satisfy the following: