-- |
-- A berserk collection of @contrazip@ functions with arities of up to 42,
-- which are specialized to the 'Op' type,
-- and jump thru fewer hoops than their 'Divisible'-based siblings.
-- Why 42?
-- Well, naturally, because it's the answer to the ultimate question of life,
-- the universe and everything.
-- It's exported as a separate module from "Contravariant.Extras.Op"
-- only to not pollute its documentation.
-- The "Contravariant.Extras.Op" module still reexports this module,
-- so you can simply import that only.
module Contravariant.Extras.Op.Contrazip where

import BasePrelude
import qualified Contravariant.Extras.TH as TH

-- Generate the @contrazip@ functions:
return (join (map (TH.opContrazipDecs "contrazip") (reverse [2..42])))