crf-chain1-constrained-0.1.1: First-order, constrained, linear-chain conditional random fields

Safe HaskellNone



The module provides feature selection functions which extract features present in the dataset, i.e. features which directly occure the dataset.

You can mix functions defined here with the selection functions from the Data.CRF.Chain1.Constrained.Feature.Hidden module.



presentFeats :: [(Xs, Ys)] -> [Feature]Source

Features of all kinds which occur in the dataset.

presentOFeats :: [(Xs, Ys)] -> [Feature]Source

OFeatures which occur in the dataset.

presentTFeats :: [(a, Ys)] -> [Feature]Source

TFeatures which occur in the dataset.

presentSFeats :: [(a, Ys)] -> [Feature]Source

SFeatures which occur in the dataset.