cryptonite-0.15: Cryptography Primitives sink

MaintainerVincent Hanquez <>
Safe HaskellNone




Generalized cryptographic hash interface, that you can use with cryptographic hash algorithm that belong to the HashAlgorithm type class.

import Crypto.Hash

sha1 :: ByteString -> Digest SHA1
sha1 = hash

hexSha3_512 :: ByteString -> String
hexSha3_512 bs = show (hash bs :: Digest SHA3_512)



data Context a Source

Represent a context for a given hash algorithm.

data Digest a Source

Represent a digest for a given hash algorithm.


digestFromByteString :: (HashAlgorithm a, ByteArrayAccess ba) => ba -> Maybe (Digest a) Source

Try to transform a bytearray into a Digest of specific algorithm.

If the digest is not the right size for the algorithm specified, then Nothing is returned.

hash methods parametrized by algorithm

hashInitWith :: HashAlgorithm alg => alg -> Context alg Source

Initialize a new context for a specified hash algorithm

hashWith :: (ByteArrayAccess ba, HashAlgorithm alg) => alg -> ba -> Digest alg Source

Run the hash function but takes an explicit hash algorithm parameter

hash methods

hashInit :: HashAlgorithm a => Context a Source

Initialize a new context for this hash algorithm

hashUpdates :: (HashAlgorithm a, ByteArrayAccess ba) => Context a -> [ba] -> Context a Source

Update the context with a list of strict bytestring, and return a new context with the updates.

hashUpdate :: (ByteArrayAccess ba, HashAlgorithm a) => Context a -> ba -> Context a Source

run hashUpdates on one single bytestring and return the updated context.

hashFinalize :: HashAlgorithm a => Context a -> Digest a Source

Finalize a context and return a digest.

hash :: (ByteArrayAccess ba, HashAlgorithm a) => ba -> Digest a Source

Hash a strict bytestring into a digest.

hashlazy :: HashAlgorithm a => ByteString -> Digest a Source

Hash a lazy bytestring into a digest.

Hash algorithms