Metadata revisions for cryptsy-api-0.2.1

Package maintainers and Hackage trustees are allowed to edit certain bits of package metadata after a release, without uploading a new tarball. Note that the tarball itself is never changed, just the metadata that is stored separately. For more information about metadata revisions, please refer to the Hackage Metadata Revisions FAQ.

No. Time User SHA256
-r1 2020-12-07T19:39:09Z GershomBazerman 3fbad883e1f3f32764c8c25b2a2a90130a9bcbbe29cfdc7f7a28d7eb1b98ea48
  • Changed maintainer from

-r0 2015-04-11T07:49:22Z bss 4d6c3e24bece65fae01d27f8b7959c4a2ee84c502d52852040348681374d7253